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Truth is a matter of circumstance

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bruce campbell looks way too damn good for his age.


Title: Break You Hard
Artist: Natalia Kills
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Break You Hard - Natalia Kills

Kiss the boys and make ‘em cry
Make ‘em cry, make ‘em cry
Don’t need your heart ‘cause I got mine
I got mine, I got mine

my crush on dave bautista is ridiculous. 


Reblog if you’re a Marvel Comic-Book Indie RP account.


I am going to try and create a giant masterlist for Marvel Indie roleplayers.
  • This is for characters not in the movies
  • or characters that are in the movies but dominantly comicbook related
  • Must be following marvel-indiehelp (Yes, I will check)
  • Canon characters only
  • OC Characters reblog can be found here
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"The effect would not be the same since you’re anticipating it now."

"So, what are you going to do? Kiss me randomly?" 


"And you still prove to be frustrating."

fill out with muse information ;;

                                     ABOUT THE MUSE.

General Appearance.  

Name: Natalia Alianovna Romanova. 
Age: 85. Appears to be in her mid-twenties to late twenties. 
Date of Birth: February 13th, 1928.
Zodiac: Aquarius 
Gender: Female.
Eye colour: Green.
Hair colour:  Red. 
Height: 5”7’
Scars: Too many. 
Burns: One or two. 
Over weight: No. 
Under weight: No.


Colour: Red
Hair colour: Blonde (brunette on special occasions) 
Eye colour: Blue.
Song: Doesn’t have one. 
Movie:  Casablanca 
T.V Show: n/a
Food: Any Italian dish. 
Drink: Vodka
Video Game: Hasn’t played any. 
Place:  Paris, France. 
Ice cream flavour: Mint chocolate chip. 

Have you…

Had sex: Yes
Had sex in public: Yes
Gotten pregnant: …Yes.
Kissed a boy: Yes.
Kissed a girl: Yes
Gotten tattoos: No
Gotten piercings: No
Smoked or drank: Yes and yes
Had a broken heart: Yes
Been in love: Yes
Needed surgery: Yes. 
Stayed up for more than 24 hours: Yes

Are you…

A virgin: No
A cuddler: Yes
A kisser: Yes
Scared easily: No
Jealous easily: It depends
Trustworthy: Yes
Dominate: Yes 
Submissive: Depends. 
In love: No. 
Single: Depends on the verse
In a relationship: Depends on the verse
Considered mean: Yes.

Random questions.

Have you harmed yourself: Not with intent. 
Thought of suicide: No. 
Attempted suicide: No
Killed someone: Yes
Wanted to kill someone: Yes
Who did you kiss last: ………….Ronan. 
Last text: n/a
Drove a car: Yes
Have/had a job: A lot of jobs. 
Favourite soda/pop: n/a
Do drugs: No. 


"The effect would not be the same since you’re anticipating it now."

"So, what are you going to do? Kiss me randomly?" 

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