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Gaeta's Lament (feat Alessandro Juliani)
Bear McCreary
Battlestar Galactica - Season 4
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Gaeta’s Lament (feat Alessandro Juliani)
Album: Battlestar Galactica - Season 4
Composer: Bear McCreary


Matt can note both the elevated heart rate and the production of noradrenaline in her body as it begins to exit through some of the sweat glands over the expanse of her skin. She’d been stressed, and her body was doing it’s best to make an attempt to calm her down. He knew it was his own fault, and that they always had to fight to make up enough to stand to be near each other. It’s why they’d never work out, because one of them would die of a heart attack at a young age from all the stress they put each other under; or rather the stress Matt added to the relationship.

But who said they couldn’t have a night to relive the past? They could if they were stubborn enough, and both of them were. Matt can feel the vehicle lurch as they pull in to a parking lot of the nearest burger joint to their current route, and he slips the driver a twenty to get himself and Natasha something, Matt wouldn’t eat, for fear of getting sick later. 

He kisses the top of her head softly, burying his nose in the scent of her hair for a brief moment. “I just need to sleep, I’ve been wound tight for months. It’s a wonder I didn’t snap before now.”

Natasha let a faint smile appearing on her face when she felt the kiss atop her head. It was comforting, affectionate, and the one thing that Natasha knew she could trust on when it came to Matt, was the fact that he knew how to be affectionate. He knew how to kiss her. He knew how to hold her. He knew every inch of her body and what places to kiss her whenever they were in bed together.

And of course, for a brief second, she thought about that. She thought about being with him. Maybe taking back that rule of never being together again, and letting it happen for one night only. 

But she knew that was a mistake. That was always going to be their problem.

She kissed his cheek softly when she lifted her head again, letting it linger as she kept her body close to his. There were no words that needed to be said. Natasha didn’t think that there needed to be. She pulled her head away after a second and rested her head against his shoulder once more. 

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mystery girl chic with natasha

she is transparent!

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It’s quiet. 

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        “Your cover was flimsy, plus, we’ve met before. I don’t forget details.” The salad under the covered plate in front of him lay dormant, forgotten with the ebb of conversation. “I remembered your scent. Red hair, a cover with the same initials. The rest fell together.”

        “The question presents itself: Where do we go from here? This meeting was no doubt for your cover, and not your own accord.”

"The cover is not flimsy. It’s legitimate. I actually am officially a private investigator in Gotham known as Nadine." 

     She made sure that she had aliases in nearly every city she went into. She would never make that mistake of being so care less. 

     ”You are just exceptionally good at finding people. Just as I am. And where we go after this entirely depends on you, because I am not leaving this city.” 




        There was no point in keeping up the charade any longer. “Quite the deduction, Agent Romanov. ” Bruce leaned back in his seat, fist at his chin, legs crossed.

"Are you honestly surprised?" She asked, with a little hint of a smile on her face. She was talented, and it wouldn’t have been too hard to figure out exactly who he was.

And to put two and two together.

"You know who I am, after all." 



She would. Tatiana was already dozing off while they were waiting for Christopher, and Natasha was close to doing it herself. It was comfortable, surprisingly. 

It touched Christopher’s heart that Natasha trusted him enough to drowse a bit while he flew her and her daughter several miles above the ground.  He landed them gently in the garden…

…and immediately had to turn and snatch Rahla out of the air in mid-pounce.  “We do not leap on guests before they’ve even been properly set down, little trouble-maker,” he scolded, blowing gently in Rahla’s face.  That was how Hiba disciplined the cub, and Rahla scowled and mrred unhappily at him.  At least she was more subdued when he set her down.

"Aren’t you glad Amir doesn’t greet you like that?" he laughed to Natasha.

Natasha held onto Tatiana who stared at the cats with glee on her face. She loved them as much as Natasha did, but Natrasha was afraid of letting her daughter around them. She had to be a little older to be around the cats without supervision.

"Amir is a snuggler." 

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