black widow


  ( sarah smiled brightly. )

   Things are gonna be all right, Nat. I’ll make sure of that.


Because I can’t have anything going wrong with this. My life has brought me so many troubles… I can’t have more added onto it. Not right now. 



Are you ready for the world to see you as you really are?



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"Sometimes I’ll have a meeting with someone and they’ll say, ‘Oh, Sean Penn was just here and was saying the nicest things about you’. You know, when you’re applying for a job? These are like my recommendations. It’s nice."



If nothing goes wrong. 

What could possibly go wrong. 

                  We’re Superheroes, we’re known for our blissful and carefree lives.

[ She started laughing, unable to control it. ] 



A brow curves.  His comment sits behind his teeth, threatening.  The tips of his fingers push at the hem of her t-shirt.  Affection, impatience… His touch curls to dip beneath the fabric, running over her tummy.  

"Going to be showing sooner?" James props his brow, his grin unstoppable. 

He’s insatiable, watching like a hawk with each passing day.  Lifting the thin spread of cotton away, he turns to press warm lips against her skin. It isn’t much, just a subtle swelling, but it’s enough to light a spark of excitement in his chest.  

"You won’t be waddling."  He looks up from his place in her lap.  "You know we can wait… Like you said, doesn’t really matter much at this point. If you wanna hold off until everything’s back to normal, I’ll still be happy, ‘Tasha."

If they held off longer, they wouldn’t have a wedding for another year. Right now was the perfect time for her. Despite the fact that there was already a curve to her belly, she wasn’t showing too much and probably could still wear the dress that she wanted to even at fourteen weeks. All she needed to do was make a few alterations. 

She leaned her head back, hand still running through his hair and twisting the strands between her fingers.

"It’d be better to do it in a month. At fourteen weeks, it’s alright. Talia can help me with everything. Sarah’s going to help me find the dress. I’ll find the right tux for you if you want me to. Unless you want to handle that yourself." 


      Maria hummed against Natasha’s skin as she traced one of the scars with her lips, making a mental note to ask her about it some time. She wanted to know where they all came from, because she had her own share of scars and they all had a story.

         Natasha murmuring her name made her breath hitch, and she glanced up at her through her lashes, kissing lower down her chest.

She had no idea why she was doing this or why she wanted to. She just wondered, for that split second, what might happen the moment she woke up next morning to find herself next to Maria. 

        She quieted those thoughts the moment she focused on how Maria’s lips felt. 


"Well — tell me everything that you think you would like and I will certainly play that roll for your this time. You shall have the wedding of your dreams."

"I love you, darling." 

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