black widow

i don’t trust myself on posting asks at the moment with this very shitty ass wifi. 


Talia lofts her brows. ]

Oh? It would be an honor.

I’ve wanted that from the start. 

Send an “Ѡ” for my muse’s reaction to being sent accidental nudes.


I still underestimate him Natasha.

Then why, if you have come to that realization and know that, go after him and risk your life in the process? 


Hm. [ Talia taps her chin. ]

For your bouquet, I’m thinking all red. Bridesmaids, should you have any, will carry white. And a combination shall be used for decor. 

You’re going to be in the wedding. 



[ She kissed her shoulder. ] I would have reacted the same. 

      [She can feel her entire body relax, her head tipping back against Natasha’s shoulder.] What’s brought this on?

I thought I’d say hello. 




Excellent. I’m quite keen on a combination of dahlias and ranunculus, both in red and white. Do you fancy any greenery?

Whatever you think is best. 

[ She chuckled. ] Sorry, I’ve never had to plan my other weddings. 

knowfreedom replied to your post “Sarah. ”


How are you, dear? 


How do you feel about dahlias?

They’re beautiful. 

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